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  • 02.04.2021
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The story of perhaps the worst hacked client, capable of wreaking havoc on it’s victims… A tale of hard work, war, cozenage, and betrayal. This is Minecraft’s Deadliest and Illegal Hacked Client, Phobos. Heavily inspired by “Disrupt”. More Credit and information about the video further down. Do consider reading: (ALSO PLEASE BE AWARE AT 2:00 & 7:47 THERE ARE SOMEWHAT FLASHING AND SIGNIFICANT LIGHTS SO IF THIS COULD AFFECT YOU BE CAUTIOUS)
And obviously, don’t download this hacked client.

Do note:
-This video does not encourage hacking, DO NOT hack where hacking isn’t allowed. It puts you at risk, and ruins the experience of others.
– All base information was taken through primary sources, with witnesses of the event being questioned
-Several pieces of information were dramatized, and may not be 100% accurate
-All discord screenshots except one are abridged and not exact
-While most dates are accurate, a few are approximated
-Any racist imagery or text in this video is not endorsed by me, it is simply the result of several disgusting people who do as they please on 2b2t, my apologies for your potential disturbance. I tried to censor what I could see, but there is a chance I missed something, sorry.
-Credit for music, and inspiration is down below.

➤➤ Twitter:

➤➤ Music Used (in order):
Northumbria – Sacred Ground
Evil Has Found a New Path – CO.AG
Cell Research – Gridded
Shanghai institute – Gridded
A deeper dream – Atrium Carceri & Cities Last Broadcast
Cilia – Gridded
Greenwich Lights – Gridded
Held Breeze – Mount Shrine

-This video was heavily inspired by Disrupt’s “Earth’s Deadliest [Computer] Virus”:
-Hacking Footage was taken from 3vt and Wao (but stop swearing)
– Couriway:
-Information corroborated with:
-FitMC for topic:
-I listened to this song for around 5 collective hours on loop while editing so ty:
-Shoutout to Troy the Horse for snapping right towards the backdoor when it opened. Ily buddy!

If you can solve the two ciphers in the video, shout out to you :^)

0:00 The Most Dangerous Hacked Client
2:44 The Hacked Client War
6:24 The Rise
10:48 Cozenage
13:10 Phobos
17:00 Fallout

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