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Видео + Скачать I installed a Minecraft Hacked Client and beat Minecraft

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  • 02.04.2021
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file-upd12.zip | 2mb | 28/07/2021

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important information:
– edited by EZY //
– mi amigo: @Meltdown

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Today, me and my friend Meltdown played regular, survival Minecraft but with a twist. We installed a Minecraft Hacked Client and beat the game by using every possible cheat. As someone who has only beaten the game ONCE, this was sort of a challenge for me.

This isn’t your normal Minecraft 1.16 Challenge video, like Minecraft But Lava/Water Rises, Hunters vs. Speedrunner, Minecraft Manhunt, or anything having to do with the Dream SMP, but a very weird Minecraft challenge that you wouldn’t really see done that often.


PLEASE, DO NOT HACK OR CHEAT. This video was for entertainment purposes and content, so please do not take this as a sign for you to cheat. I HIGHLY discourage it and believe it’s just a horrible thing to do. This challenge was recorded in a private Minecraft 1.16 server, and was hosted by me, so don’t think this was on a public one.

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